Multi Car Comparison

2020 Compact Sedan Challenge Video: Honda Civic Vs. Nissan Sentra Vs. Toyota Corolla

By Kelsey Mays and Joe Wiesenfelder on July 27, 2020

Although not as popular as they historically have been, compact cars remain an important part of the market, especially as consumers shift more attention toward affordability amid the economic disr... Read More
What’s the Best Compact Sedan?

By Joe Wiesenfelder and Kelsey Mays on July 27, 2020

Though many Americans prefer SUVs, the obstinate coronavirus pandemic has put the squeeze on finances, and as we spelled out recently, simply opting for the sedan body style is a great way for shop... Read More
Toyota 86 Vs. Toyota Supra 2.0: How Do Toyota’s 4-Cylinder Sports Cars Compare?

By Joe Bruzek on July 24, 2020

Said to bridge the gap between the 86 and six-cylinder Supra, the Supra 2.0 costs quite a bit less than its 3.0-liter sibling. Read More
2020 Mini Cooper SE Hardtop: 5 Things We Like and 3 Things We Don’t

By Nick Kurczewski on July 13, 2020

The 2020 Mini Cooper SE Hardtop is an electric-powered coupe that capitalizes on the brand’s reputation for building small cars that are fun to drive and easy to park. If you’re a fan of the basic ... Read More
2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Which Is Better?

By Jennifer Geiger on June 30, 2020

Here’s how the 2020 CR-V and 2020 RAV4 stack up in the areas of acceleration, fuel economy and price. Read More
Ford Vs. Chevy: A Rivalry for the Automotive Ages Rages On

By Brian Normile on June 27, 2020

In three of’s recent comparison tests involving both automakers, Ford entries earned higher marks than the comparable Chevy. Read More
Hyundai Palisade Vs. Toyota Highlander Video: 3-Row SUV Foes Go Toe-to-Toe

By Kelsey Mays and Joe Bruzek on May 14, 2020

We drove the 2020 Palisade and 2020 Highlander back-to-back, then judged them on 18 categories, including acceleration, ride quality, interior quality and roominess. Read More
2020 Hyundai Palisade Vs. 2020 Toyota Highlander: Family SUVs Duke It Out

By Kelsey Mays on April 8, 2020

Before coronavirus-spurred losses for all auto sales, three-row SUVs were all the rage. In sales tallies over the final months of 2019, shoppers demonstrated a clear preference for such haulers ove... Read More
Auto Show Face-Off: 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Vs. 2020 Honda Odyssey Vs. 2020 Toyota Sienna

By Mike Hanley on February 17, 2020

Here’s what we found comparing the updated 2021 Chrysler Pacifica to the 2020 Honda Odyssey and 2020 Toyota Sienna after seeing all three at the Chicago Auto Show. Read More
Auto Show Faceoff: 2021 Genesis GV80 Vs. 2020 Lincoln Aviator

By Brian Normile on February 14, 2020

This is a battle of usurpers: Lincoln, the old hand trying to regain its cachet among luxury buyers, and Genesis, the newcomer with almost no history to speak of, both trying to steal buyers from t... Read More